Memorabilia Real Madrid

Real Madrid Football Club, one of the most decorated teams in all of sport, has put their trust in Pursuit 3 to create the world’s most ambitious memorabilia program ever presented to the world of sport. Over 115,000 assets have been carefully identified, authenticated and prepared for the Official RMCF Memorabilia Program. The over 400 million fans of Real Madrid will have the opportunity to buy or bid for their very own piece of coveted sport history.

Client: Real Madrid Football Club
Date: September 26, 2023
Services: Memorabilia Stadium Seats Program, Auctions, Memorabilia Product Collections


Featured assets and artefacts include; the entire team locker room, players bench/seats, stadium seats, iconic RMCF branded items, VIP area items, Champions League match used items such as corner flags and goal netting, plus many other high value collectibles. This premium program is focussed and directed towards fans around the world, The RMCF Foundation, sustainability and inclusion of all.